Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dogged Is My Co-Pilot

I know a better way.
Go this way.
Watch this guy.
Here's your turn.
Let this guy in.
Don't let this guy in.
He's letting you go.
He's not letting you go.
Turn here, turn here.
Turn now.
Watch out for this guy.
You're okay.
This is your turn.
This is the exit, get off here.
Are you watching that guy?
Turn left.
Turn right.
Stop sign.
Stop light.
It's green, go.
It's yellow, go for it.
Goose it, you can make it.
Why are you going so slow?
How fast are you going?
Go, go, go!
Stop, stop, stop!
(press imaginary brake pedal to the floor)
(frustrated sigh)


Ronni said...

Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced, "Bouquet")!

Steve said...

Interesting. But you have more to give and your creativity isn't being fully utilized. Go for it.

Steve said...

Nice, but you can do even better. You're creativity is greater than this, let it rip. Steve